Q1. How to place an online order?

Ans. It is very easy to place an order on Trend Eve. Trend Eve has its website which is very simple to use. One can easily visit our website https://trendeve.com. Also, we are on Google Play you can download the Trend Eve Android App.

  1. Choose the Collection you want to buy from,
  2. Choose the product you wish to purchase,
  3. Add to cart,
  4. Visit your cart and place the shipping address,
  5. Select Payment option and your order will be placed.

Q2. How many days will it take to arrive the order?

Ans. After, your order is successfully placed. We let our vendors know about the order in real time. So, that they can ship as soon as possible. Still, the maximum time to ship any product take 3-4 days. Once, the order is shipped then our shipping partners try to deliver the item as soon as possible. Still, the overall process takes the 7-10 days to reach the ordered item to your place.

Q3. How to cancel the order?

Ans. If after placing the order, you're willing to cancel it. You can simply visit our website https://trendeve.com and chat with our executive. They will help you to cancel the order.

Q4. How to return and exchange the order?

Ans. It is a very easy process. We are providing the 5-day return policy, if you don't like the item or if the product is not as per your expectation. You can simply ask for return or exchange. For that, you can simply chat with the executive. They will help you with the return and exchange.