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Abhishek Raj and Sanjeev Jauhari started Trend Eve (R K Technoz - 09CDCPR4064E1ZI, Ghanta Ghar Chowk, Aonla) because there is variety of products in demand. TrandHub is also founded by the same founders. Which is a business to business platform to generate online deals for your products.

That's why we created Trend Eve, When we get into market to make the sales for TrandHub there we found audience is very much interested in selling products for E-commerce.

Along the way, TrandHub is just launched we are working on that as well but we have launched an online shop where one can buy directly form us. We are looking to make good sales and to provide best offer for our valuable customers.

We want to be the best product selling portal in the market of E-commerce. We don't wanted to beat others, we wanted to beat ourselves again and again.

We are looking forward to start more services.



Abhishek Raj                        

Abhishek Raj                                                            Sanjeev Jauhari   

C.E.O. & Co-Founder                                               Director & Co-Founder