Some Astonishing Facts About Indian YouTuber Carry Minati (Ajey Nagar)

Some Astonishing Facts About Indian YouTuber Carry Minati (Ajey Nagar)

Ajey Nagar, better known as Carry Minati, an amazing YouTuber and content creator with 19M subscribers. Ajey Nagar lives with his family in Faridabad, Haryana. Carry Minati is famous for his funny videos and strong language for roasting.

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Ajey Nagar has been trending on social media platforms for the past few days for his “TikTok Vs YouTube” video. Carry Minati roast subjects which are illogical according to him( and we couldn't agree more with him on his choice) over the internet. Roasting was not touched at its peak before Carry's contribution. His efforts paved the way for many YouTubers.

Early Life: Ajey Nagar was born on 12th June 1999 in Faridabad. Ajey loves playing games over the computer and spending time on the computer. Carry’s friend suggested him to install windows 7 on his computer. He reviewed windows 7 in a video but it didn't get him the fame at that time.


Family: Ajey’s family is a small and happy family. He lives with his Mother, Father, and Brother. His brother Yash Nagar is a guitarist and electronic music producer.

Here are some amazing facts about Carry Minati, let's dive in:


  • Dropout

Carry was always interested in playing video games and making him educated at what he loves. Carry was never interested in academics. But he always believed that education is important but passion is most important. Carry dropout from his 12th class and started his full-time career as a YouTuber. Carry started cherishing his skills for YouTube and Video Games.


  • CarryMinati is not Ajey Nagar's first YouTube Channel


    Ajey Nagar started his channel AddictedA1 where he used to upload gaming videos and recording his reaction for the game. This channel was not very successful. In 2015, Ajey changed the name to CarryDeol. Ajey started making gaming videos while mimicking Bollywood star Sunny Deol. Later, he changed the name to “CarryMinati” when he started roasting people. In early 2017 Ajey started another channel on YouTube with the name CarryIsLive. He started online gaming and mimicking on CarryIsLive and roasting on CarryMinati.


    • CarryMinati’s First Viral Video

    Roasting was not popular in India when Ajey Nagar took it as his main content genre. But he is inspired by the American YouTube channel Leafy Is Here. The well-known demonstration of "roasting" somebody, in the prevailing press, at any rate, is to openly embarrass an individual in a comical way.

    CarryMinati made a video of roasting BBKiVines. BBKiVines is the most popular Indian YouTube channel owned by Bhuvan Bam. When the video was uploaded people started hating Carry Minati but when Bhuvan Bam himself watched and appreciated the video. People started sharing and following Carry. Carry made 7 more videos in that month. Which also had a great number of views at that time.


    • Family Support

      When Ajey said that he wants to move forward as a YouTuber his parents started supporting him. Most of the time we have seen that parents want their children to live a mainstream life with job security and regular income. But his family is very supporting, sometimes he gets strong comments by his mother on using strong words in his videos.


      • Reports and Threat Calls

      Everyone knows the recent video which has been taken down by YouTube for its strong language. This is not the first time his video taken down. People who know carry from a long time know that he got 3 consecutive warnings on his video on 10th August 2016. This happened due to offensive language used in roasting videos. But somehow he managed to save his channel and later he started roasting people after taking permission. He got many threat calls for his roasting. But this is his job, people love him for this.


      • Noble Cause

      People who know carry from a long time, also know that he is very kind-hearted. He managed to raise Rs. 1,58,528 for the survivors of the Pulwama attack. He officially announced the figure on his twitter handle. Carry always meets his fans and followers with a warm heart. Ajey Nagar is not only a YouTuber making roasting videos, he always comes upfront whenever his fans need him most.


      • Success

        Success is not easy for anyone, same for Ajey. Many people know that he is 20 Years old and making a huge amount of money and popular among youth. Few people know the fact that he started his career at the age of 10. So, this is the result of his 10 years of hard work. Ajey Nagar got a total of 5 YouTube Creators Awards which consists of 2 Silver Buttons (For CarryMinati & CarryIsLive), 2 Golden Button (CarryMinati & CarryIsLive), and one Diamond Button for his channel CarryMinati. In 2019, Ajey Nagar was featured as 10 Next Generation Leader by TIME’s magazine.


        • CarryMinati’s Team

        During an interview Ajey revealed that he is an introvert. He has a team of three more people who help him to manage his business. Anirudh handles all the business inquiries, Lakshya assists him for shooting and locations, Aman handles the social media accounts. Yes, many people are thinking about Mohi right now. Well, Carry always calls the name Mohit in his videos but Mohit is an imaginary character.

        Ajey Nagar is now a YouTube sensation. People follow him for his unique content. His content made him popular. Ajey Nagar attended his YouTube Fan Fest. There are a number of achievements in Ajey’s life. But the struggle he did is a lesson for us. We should learn from his dedication and commitment. He made his passion a profession which is not easy for many of us. But remember, if he can do that then you can at least give a try to do that.

        Trend Eve wishes a huge success for Ajey Nagar. We love Ajey Nagar’s content and love to see his success touch unpredictable heights.
        We wish you all the best, Ajey.

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