15 Best Silks Sarees for Indian Wedding

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15 Best Silks Sarees for Indian Wedding

The best way to showcase your fashion is with sarees at weddings. Indian weddings are not just functions they are more like festivals. Sarees can be the best alternative to lehengas. Specifically, silk sarees are the most eye-catching dress for your wedding functions.

In Indian weddings there is not just one function, there are many functions before and after marriage. Where silk sarees are the most promising outfit for most of the functions.

In this article, we are going to discuss 15 different types of silks sarees that are amazing to wear at wedding functions. Along with we will guide you to which earing and jewelry are best for your day.

Let's dive into it...


1. Kanjivaram Silk Sarees

Kanjivaram silks saree

    Kanjivaram silk sarees are top on the list due to their popularity in the era of silk sarees. The kanjivaram silk sarees are best to wear for your engagement, reception, or days after the marriage. With the vibrant colors and designs, it gives an amazing and bold look that shows confidence.

    Kanjivaram Silk sarees are popular mostly in south Indian weddings. In south India, the bride wears the kanjivaram silk saree even on the wedding day at ceremonies. These sarees look amazing with heavy gold jewelry, you can add a baju band and tagdi to make your look more attractive.


    2. Chanderi Silk Saree

    Chanderi Silk saree

      Chanderi silk sarees are originated in Madhya Pradesh. The texture of chanderi silk is soft-light and gives a shimmery appearance. No wonder chanderi silk gives you an amazing royal look. You can wear them in the Roka function, as it gives you the bride look. Everyone wants to see your bride look at the time of the Roka ceremony.

      Chanderi silk is best combined with a gold choker and jhumki. The bolder colors are popular in chanderi silk. This type of sarees does not require any heavy accessories. If you want you can have a fancy hairstyle with leaning on the traditional side.


      3. Paithani Silk Sarees

      Paithani Silk Sarees

        Paithani silk is going to give you an amazing Maharashtrian look. If you are going to attend the Maharashtrian wedding or you are or going to marry a Maharashtrian. Paithani silk is going to be a perfect choice. These are prepared with silk and gold zari in them. You can wear them in sangeet or the engagement functions.

        The main attraction of paithani silk is its pallu and border. If you keep the pallu free at the function you look amazing. You can add a layered necklace and matching earrings with paithani silk.


        4. Mysore Silk Saree

        Mysore Silk Saree

        Mysore silk is again popular in south Indian weddings. But India is a country where you live with different cultures and tastes in the same place. Mysore silk sarees are getting their popularity in north Indian weddings as well. These are best to wear at the time of the Vidai ceremony and roka. Also, you can wear them after marriage as the family wants to see the bride in heavy attire.

        You can pair it with amazing gold jewelry. The golden bangles are a must with these sarees. You can also add gorgeous Kamar bandh to it. This will going to add royalty to your look.


        5. Patola Silk Sarees

        Patola Silk Sarees

          Gujrati is a fan of these types of sarees. If you are looking to have an amazing Gujarati look. Consider patola silk, as these are cultural and gives you the look that is going to be appreciated by everyone. Patola silk is naturally dyed, due to which there is a limit of colors.

          You can wear it in reception, with amazing traditional jewelry.


          6. Banarasi Silk Saree

          Banarasi Silk Saree

          Banarasi silk saree is one of the most famous types of silk. This is one of the oldest sarees weaved. The brocade of banarasi silk sarees is made with the zari technique. Banarasi silk is popular all over India. The price in comparison to other silk sarees is high. Motifs used in banarasi silk sarees are changed from time to time as the fashion upgraded itself, still, most of them are popular.

          You can wear a banarasi saree in reception or engagement, as people are going to recognize the quality. You can pair it with heavy gold jewelry or can wear a big choker. You should add gold earrings with them and pair them with a heavy chooda set or golden bangle set.


          7. Mashru Silk Saree

          Mashru Silk Saree

          Mashru silk sarees are not pure silk sarees, these are mixed with cotton and silk in equal parts. These are comparatively cheap and easily affordable. Mashru silk is vibrant in colors and comes in vivid designs. These are durable sarees.

          You can wear them in small functions after your marriage. To pair them you can wear an elegant necklace and dangling earrings.


          8. Tanchoi Silk Saree

          Tanchoi Silk Saree

            Tanchoi silk sarees are the single or double warp and come only in two to five colors weft. These are generally patterned with flowers, small birds, peacocks, and parrot motifs. These are the best fit for you in closed weddings after marriage and also you can wear them at festivals to give you a traditional feel.

            To pair it you can use amazing gold jewelry and bangles. These are amazing as they give to amazing look and are bold.


            9. Art Silk Sarees

            Art Silk Sarees

            Art silk is also known as bamboo silk. Art silk is not natural silk, it is artificial silk produced from synthetic fiber which resembles silk. Artificial silk is just a synonym of Rayon. It is priced lesser than the actual silk. But the look and feel are going to be amazing. Artificial silks were produced in 1890 with cellulose fiber.

            You can wear it with heavy gold jewelry and golden bangles. The earring should also be in gold. You can wear big long shaped earrings or jhumki.


            10. Assam silk saree

            Art Silk Sarees

            Assam silk sarees are created with one of the finest silks in the country. Due to this, the prices are a bit high in comparison to other sarees. But you can easily afford it as this is going to be your wedding. You can wear it in the day before the wedding, as many wedding are now where bride side and groom side lives together.

            This is going to give you a royal classy look. You need heavy makeup with this, as the royalty demanded. You can pair it with pure gold jewelry. You need heavy chooda or golden bangles to pair it.


            11. Pochampally Silk Saree

            Pochampally Silk Saree

            Ikat weave saree mostly comes with geometric patterns. Pochampally is from the south, most of the silk sarees are popular in south India. These are very lightweight and comfortable to wear. You can wear them for any function. Also, if you are looking for something comfortable then this is going to be your best choice.

            As the saree is lightweight you should also, add light jewelry. Avoid heavy jewelry sets and bangles. You can keep your hairstyle free with them.


            12. Organza Silk Saree

            Organza Silk Saree

            Organza silks sarees are made up of nylon and polyester. These are very soft and thin, you can wear them at any function or festival. Also, you can wear it at the time of travel. This is going to give you a luster-free and graceful look.

            Great with a choker and you can add earrings to it. Blouse can be of solid color and with border with sleeves.


            13. Korial Silk Saree

            Korial Silk Saree

            These are the famous attire of Bangali pooja. Korial silk sarees are made in the Murshidabad district in Bengal. These are popular in Bengalis. When Ashwariya Rai and Madhuri Dikshit, made entry with these korial silk sarees in the song “ DOL RE ”, in the movie Devdas. They got their actual popularity in India.

            You can wear them at family functions and also in pooja. If you are Bengali then you can wear them infamous places at your time of travel. You can add gold earrings and jewelry to it. Hair can be a bun or open with curls.


            14. Dharmavaram Silk Sarees

            Dharmavaram Silk Sarees

            Dharamvaram silk sarees are derived from the Anantapur district, Andhra Pradesh. These are made with gold-plated borders and artwork prints. Mostly, these are found in elephant design, peacocks, or even in aesthetic temple borders.

            You can pair it with heavy gold jewelry and bajuband. This is going to give you a royal look. You can keep your hair straight or can have a decent hairstyle.


            15. Tussar Silk Saree

            Tussar Silk Saree

            Tussare silk sarees are amazing to wear in small functions. This silk is more textured than most mulberry silk Clothes. These are best, if you needed a different look and also affordable.

            Wear contemporary earrings, these are going to give you the look of your dreams.

            These are the best silk sarees for a wedding. Most of them are easily available on Trend Eve. You can buy from us. Also, the silk saree market is itself very big. You should consider the color of sarees which are bold. As you can going to be the center of attraction.

            With these amazing silk sarees, you are going to get amazing compliments. So, get ready to digest them.

            Please, tell us in the comment section which one you are going to select for your wedding or other functions.


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